Highlights from Llangrannog

Each year Year 7 students are invited to go on a residential trip to Llangrannog, an activity centre in Cardigan bay run by fluent Welsh speakers. Here a few of our MAT pupils blog about their experience:

‘Wow! What a thrilling day! Today we have arrived at an exquisite destination called Llangrannog. It is filled with a variety of bewildering activities. I can just remember the exhileration rushing down my spine.

Our first activity was the low ropes. We also faced the ‘Wall of Doom’. I was very muddy after trying to get onto the wall. I thoroughly enjoyed the low ropes challenge, even though I fell over a number of times.

[The next day] Our day started with a high ropes course. When I saw the high ropes, I was absolutely terror-stricken. I did conquer the rope course even though I had fallen off at one point. I also managed to climb an extremely high climbing wall. After our climbing experiences we all set off for the swimming pool. We had an incredible time playing water volleyball.

After lunch, we all went tobogganing, which was my favourite part of the entire trip. Unfortuntaely, I did fall once during my tobogganing experiences. We then went go-karting, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Typically, my kart ran out of petrol. The sun then started to set over the deep blue waters. Our last activity of the day was skiing, which I adored;  I felt so free when I was skiing. The sky was dusky and it was a bright shade of orange.

I had an exceptional time at Llangrannog and I would love to go again. I did things that I never thought I would have done before.’ Lucy Stokes

‘Everyone was so excited to get to Llangrannog. The low ropes were fun and cool but I felt as if my fingers were going to snap off, like hitting the icicles off the tip of the roof. We had to pretend we were stranded in the middle of the Amazon rainforest.

For our tea we had a home cooked meal and around every hour the paw slush would open!

The following morning we all got dressed in our massively messy room. The high ropes were interesting: some people were scared and some were ready for the “adventure”. I remember everyone taking a step on each course was a “life changing”, “death moment” step.

Tobogganing was my favourite as it was so fun. Me, Ella and Millie were superglued to each other as we were having so much fun sledging. We would turn the sledge around as a joke and set ourselves a mission. We went backwards and made a train. The bottom of the steep hill was so wet that we would splash into the wet puddle and get soaked.

The next morning Lucy’s alarm didn’t go off so we woke up at ten to eight, only twenty minutes to get ready. Everyone was panicking, running around. Luckily we all packed the night before (phew!).

First we did horse riding. I, a girl called Hannah and Charlotte had a white horse called Diva. Diva didn’t like my friend’s horse Trigger so those two horses had to stay out of each other’s sight. I went first as my other friends were too scared and bribed me on first. The clip clopping noise was quite relaxing until Charlotte’s turn. Charlotte didn’t have the best relationship with our horse as on Hannah’s turn, Diva was a diva and tried to bite Charlotte’s elbow. After, when she was getting on the horse, Diva saw Trigger and started to charge at Trigger. Charlotte wasn’t able to get her foot out of the stirrup in time and horse kicked her back until Evan was able to calm Diva down.

Then we travelled back home, all thinking and knowing that we have had such an incredible experience in Llangrannog. We were all tired and wanted to go back home, but also wished we stayed longer. It was so fun. Such an experience. Such a trip! I loved it.’ Romilly Hodgkinson

‘At 1pm we arrived to the breath-taking scenery of Llangrannog. After an exciting atmosphere on the bus; all of Year 7 were glad to arrive. A ropes challenge is what we tackled first. As a treat the staff let us take on the Wall of Doom! The Wall was like the ones you get from Ninja Warrior. With a little help, we all made it.

Our next activity was teambuilding. We all had to stand on the bench and arrange ourselves in height and age order, without falling off. We all found it so hard, we collapsed on the floor laughing.

[The next day] After some cereal, we headed for the climbing centre. There we got kitted out with the correct gear, and we partnered up. My partner was Romilly. She did the high ropes first while I cheered her on and then we swapped. Suddenly as I stepped on the rope, my legs were trembling and shaking. I was terrified. However, with a little bit of support from my friends, I completed the course. Climbing was amazing. We practised by bouldering across the whole wall. There were 16 sections in total. We all made it to the top in the end. We were so proud.

Horse riding was scary. Me, Millie and Ella’s horse was called Trigger. Trigger was strong and aggressive. Ella, Millie and I found this difficult.

To end on a high, we trampolined. All too soon, we had to board the buses and head home. We were all sad to leave Llangrannog, but I’m sure it will be something we will never forget. Everyone had an amazing time and experience.’ Isobel Hill



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