• What does MAT mean?
  • MAT is the abbreviated term for More Able and Talented students. It is used to refer to students who are in the top 20% of their school for achievement in one or more subjects. In St Alban’s we identify MAT students and place them on a register, so that we can better support their learning needs and encourage them to achieve their full potential.
  • How will I know if my child is More Able and Talented?
  • You will receive a letter from the school to inform you that your child is on the MAT register, and for which subjects they have been nominated.
  • What does being identified as MAT mean for my child?
  • Teachers will aim to challenge them in subjects they are More Able in, so that they have higher expectations and achievement. If they are in Years 7-9, they will participate in the Book Club. Through the mailing list, the school will inform you of any opportunities for enrichment that may benefit your child.
  • Does being MAT involve more work or higher pressure on my child?
  • Your child may be given extension work in subjects where they are More Able, if they finish their classwork before other students. They may be given research projects to further stretch their thinking. At St Alban’s we are aware that More Able students often have a high drive to succeed which can sometimes be a cause of pressure or stress, and we use our pastoral care system working with tutors and Heads of Year to ensure that MAT students do not feel unduly pressured. If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the MAT Co-ordinator (Sophie Toovey) or your child’s form tutor.


  • How can I best support my MAT child?
  • Parental support is absolutely crucial for any child’s success, and at St Alban’s we have always found parents to be extremely helpful and willing to be involved in their child’s education. Whatever subject your child is nominated as being More Able or Talented in, encourage their interest by finding educational websites to look at, magazines to subscribe to, or places to visit. Sit with your child as they complete homework and take any opportunity to ask them about what they are learning. Ask them questions which develop their thinking and engagement in the topic. If your child is in Years 7-9, help them in their wider reading for the Book Club by reading the novel yourself and talking about it together. Perhaps you could find a film version to watch together too, or an audio book version to listen to. You know your child best, and you can tell if they are working hard and enjoying school. If you are worried that they are losing motivation or are under too much pressure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with  the MAT Co-ordinator (Sophie Toovey) or your child’s form tutor.

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